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Upcoming Event sponsored by the University of Dallas Music Department:

Crowley Chamber Music Series
Sunday, October 3, 2010
University of Dallas – Lynch Auditorium
7:00 pm
Admission: $5.00 (FREE, but also mandatory for students in Piano, Voice, Music History/Theory, Collegium, History/Theory of Gregorian Chant, Chamber Ensemble, Lyric Theater, etc.)

Come see UD Music Department’s own Andrey Ponochevny, pianist along with Kristin Van Cleve on violin, LeeAnne Chenoweth Lawson also on violin, and Professor Jim Higgins on cello. Enjoy a wonderful evening of musical magic with the works of J.S. Bach, Georg Telemann, Mozart!

This event features special guest, Tonia Pilliod playing the viola.  Stick around for the highlight of the evening, Cesar Franck, Piano Quintet.

Program will be followed by a reception in Upstairs Haggar!

Reservations may be made by calling the

Music Dept. at 972-721-5079 or send e-mail to: for reservations.

Note that seating is limited.

Tuesday at 7pm, the UD Art History Department hosted a showing of Invisible Children, a documentary on the effects war has on children in Africa.  If you missed this showing, University of North Texas is also opening its showing to the public on October 10.

This film forces you to come face-to-face with victims on the constant tribal warfare.  Not only does this film show children affected by these tragedies, but also sheds light on children forced into battle as soldiers.

See the website for more information on DFW area showings and how you can learn more and help the cause.

Thursday night a handful of students emerged from their usual studying to enjoy Luau TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday). Favorites such as van Morrison’s Brown-eyed Girl, the classic Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?, and Ace of Base’s I Shot the Sheriff were played island-style by the middle-aged male trio in Hawaiian button-downs.

The early end of the night saw some hula-hooping, as well as dancing, but like clockwork, at 10pm the beer-garten began to fill. Not an impressive TGIT showing, but not terribly shabby either.

The band took a break in the middle and DJ-ed songs like “Ice, Ice Baby” from our middle school dance days. The band returned with some unsurprising song selections (Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA and the Chicken Dance among others) and, of course, complete with a conga line and game of limbo.

Though not every TGIT features a UD band (or even a live band), it’s always worth coming out to make a fool of yourself on the dance floor and share a beer with your fellow students (Or a couple. Or none at all for those under 21, sorry).

Best part of the night? It’s a toss up between a seminar buying me a Shiner (talk about a good friend…) and testing out my hula hoop skills–which I think peaked when I was 8 and have gone steadily down hill since.

Looking Ahead

Next Week: Q&A with UD’s own musical entertainment coordinators AND Dallas Year to Shakespeare in the Park: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Oct 1st, bring a picnic!)

Next Month: Art History Dept presents screening of History of the War in Lynch Hall October 28th.

Ongoing: TGIT (weekly), Cap House (monthly), Foreign Film Series (periodically), Brown Bag Lunch Musical Performances (periodically), Local theatre (periodically)

The UD version of a coffeehouse performance.  Joe Swope starred on the piano accompanied by the lovely voices of several female juniors.  This event takes place every month on Tuesday nights usually from about 7pm to 9pm.

For those who are suffering from coffeeshop withdrawal (because, face it, where else are you allowed to hang out as a high schooler in the Bible belt?), these live performances will satiate your hunger for that acoustic, soulful, and simple sound in an intimate setting.

Plus (shameless plug), you can grab an oh-so delicious famous UD Cap Bar drink for mere pocket change (seriously, I routinely buy my Cap Bar drinks with left over change).

Next month. Cap House. Think about it.

Arts and Entertainment at the University of Dallas (“A&E @ UD”) is still a new blog. Please take a look at my previous posts and let me know how I’m doing. What would YOU like to see? Leave comments on what you love, what you hate, and what you think! Feel free to disagree or express another point of view.

This semester the Drama Department will be showing the following in the Margaret Jonsson Theatre:

The Senior Drama majors will be presenting their one-act plays (capstone projects):

Everyman by Anonymous
Where the Cross is Made by Eugene O’Neill
The Dwarfs by Harold Pinter

The Fall Mainstage direcected by Kyle Lemieux:

Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

Auditions have passed, but here are some ways to get to get involved this semester:

  • Help build set
  • Learn to operate light or sound board
  • Volunteer Usher
  • Sew for Costumes

*Never used a drill or sewing machine before?  That’s okay!  They’ll teach you.  Offer your time and talent by calling or emailing the Drama Department.

Check back soon for an inside look at senior studios–acting, directing, and designing!


Mette's Latest Album

Dinner and Discourse presents Free Catholic Christian Music Live this week with special guest, Michael James Mette.  Come check it out Tuesday, September 21st at 5:30pm in Anselm 230.

Michael James Mette plays music for audiences across the country.  After joining the Air Force, MJM felt called to enter contemporary music ministry and speak to young adults all over the nation–and his youth ministry positions have moved him from Texas to Illinois to California and now to Missouri.  See his website to listen to his music and read more!  Also look for posters on campus or in this week’s bulletin for information on how to get free music from Mette.

Come enjoy the free homemade dinners and guest lectures every Tuesday!

Ink on Japanese Fiber, Relief PrintUpon walking in, I was immediately engulfed in my surroundings.  The multitude of mediums in the Beatrice M. Haggerty Art Gallery is impressive.  Representing  work from Catherine Caesar, David Fiegenschue, Dan Hammett, Frank Krevens, Lyle Novinski, Virginia Marsh, Andrew Myers, Courtney Miles, Kim Cadmus Owens, and Juergen Strunck, this show has something for everyone.  Like Michelangelo took a block of marble and chiseled away a masterpiece, the UD art faculty manipulated wood, vinyl, Japanese fiber, neon signage, and more.

Oil on Canvas

Great color on this one and "Cheap", also by Owens, below.

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

I love her use of color, especially in the reflections. A MUST-SEE in person!

Architectural plans

Lyle's at it again! Want to see the new face of UD? Several of the new plans for UD's aesthetics are on display.


Love the 3D aspect of Meyers' pieces.

Ink on Vinyl

Love the layers.

Vinyl letters

ZOOLANDER Reference. Classic.

Carbon and Acrylic on Wood Panel

Monochomatic, I'm digging it. These are two of my favorites!

Wood and Plaster

If you like what you see, the exhibition continues through October 3rd.  Read more about it in the UD News.

The ceramics are done by Frank Krevens who is also showing his pieces in a solo show, “Straight-No Chaser” at the MoKAH Art Gallery in Deep Ellum.  This show is in partial fulfillment of Krevens’ Master of Fine Arts and will be on display until September 18th.

My favorite pieces were done by Kim Cadmus Owens (UD Painting Professor), but all were worth taking a stroll over the bridge and through the woods to an oasis at the heart of campus.

Near the entrance to the exhibit, there is a guest book for thoughts, reflections, and comments.  I leave you with the words and thoughts of Dean C.W. Eaker:

“Very nice.  Thank you for sharing your art with the UD community.”

LOOKING AHEAD: Interview with the heads of UD Music Entertainment!

Taking Stage at UD…

I’ve started this blog to learn more about this medium and its uses in media and politics.  Hopefully, I’ll learn something new messing around with the all these features.

This blog will feature arts and entertainment infomation at the University of Dallas and about UD students–on stage and in the gallery.

LOOKING AHEAD: Check out my review of the Faculty Exhibition.  See it for yourself in the Haggery Art Gallery until October 3rd.