This week’s Open Mic TGIT was a smashing success.  The Rathskellar was filled to capacity with students unwinding from another week of tests, papers, and reading.  First-time appearances from freshmen shook up the already-talented usual lineup of UD musical acts.

As I pushed my way through the lively beer-garten into the Rat, the crowd envelopped me and I immediately disappeared into a sea of students clamoring towards the bar (and you don’t want to get between a college student and his on-campus bar on a Thursday night, it never turns out pretty) and vying for a chance to use the pool table.

Most students were happily clapping, swaying, and singing to the live music.  I have seen some pretty dead (and pretty sorry) open mic nights in my four years here, but between everyone who came out to support their friends and have a good time and the talent pool, the Rat was a hopping place.

As a TGIT groupie, I speak with some authority on what makes a good TGIT.  And I look forward to all of Eddy Moss and Paul Spring’s (Musical Entertainment coordinators) events.


Mountain City Songsters featuring Kazyak and Paul Spring playing bluegrass and rock!