I don’t know about you, but I’m right in the thick of midterms, quizzes, papers, presentations…you name it. And from an informal poll of my friends in all grades, that seems to be the general sentiment on campus.

In addition to this normal academic stress, those students involved in the University of Dallas fall Main Stage production, Machinal is in the midst of tech week. This controversial play opens Wednesday, November 3rd and cast members, as well as Drama Department employees, are in Haggar University Center outside the cafeteria every day this week selling tickets.

For those students who have never been involved with such a production, this week means hours of rehearsal every night. The director sees to it that his artistic vision comes together, as the sounds blend with the lighting, sets, props, costumes, and over all desired mood.

What that translates to is the actors standing in freeze frame of a given scene while they try to get the lights just right or the sound effect at just the right moment. The one thing I know about any production, especially ones of UD quality, it requires a village to put on.

Support the arts at UD…and mainly your friends, reserve a FREE ticket today by visiting the table in Haggar, calling the Drama Department at 972-721-5314, or fill out the online reservation form.