In some of my blogging adventures, I’ve realized what a great arts and entertainment scene Dallas has.  I’ve started following the blogs of the pros in hopes of getting ideas on what to cover and how.  I received an email this semester I’d like to share an excerpt of with you from one of those A&E bloggers:

Do you ever post public events that are open for student participation and attendance
(and it’s FREE)?
Check out!

Every Tuesday night at Buzzbrews Restaurant Kitchen on Lemmon Avenue an open mic takes place that features classical music of all kinds; so far it’s mostly SMU grad students. ALL university students are welcome. It’s been hard for the organizers to find the right people to publicize it at differernt schools.
It’s fabulous. This Tuesday they had several vocalists, a trombonist, a pianist, a cellist and a violinist — a wide range of music from traditional classical to avant-garde composition. I KNOW there are UD students who would enjoy the event and be most welcome to participate. Professors, too…..

This excerpt was from Alexandra Bonifield, you can follow her on Twitter or check out her reviews below:

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