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University of Dallas art student, Reiner Zuercher, will hold his Senior Exhibition Reception this coming Friday, December 10th from 7:30p to 9:30p in the Upper Gallery of the University of Dallas Art Village (Building Number 12 on the linked map).  That will also be the closing weekend for the show.


For those who happen to be around that area

please stop by to see it whether you can come to the reception or not!


To keep up with other upcoming exhibits, the Haggerty Gallery has a mailing list to keep patrons informed on current and upcoming shows.

Join the University of Dallas art community on Wednesday, December 1st for free food, fun, and drinks.  The mother of senior Art History major Maddie Rekerdres is concluding the exhibition of her artwork tonight from 6pm to 8pm in the Haggerty Art Loggia in the Art VillageCarolyn Rekerdres’ painting series, The Generosity of Water, is discussed in more detail on Art&Seek.

Honestly, these gallery openning and closing receptions are some of the best kept secrets on campus.  Not only are they great for the Old Mill (ahem, excuse me, Tower Village) apartment resident without a meal plan, but the company is wonderful and the art is always impressive.  I love hearing the backstory from the artist on a particular piece–I learn something new with each exhibit.

While you’re there, make sure to see the work of Gordon Young and Enrique Fernandez Cervantes through December 12, 2010 in the Haggerty Gallery. The reception has past, but the art in Cut and Paste is fascinating.

Come see University of Dallas senior Art and Art History students show their work tonight in Art History Loggia from 6pm to 8pm.  The reception is this Friday, October 29th, but the show runs until tomorrow, October 30th. 

The Senior Synopsis is a great opportunity to support art on campus and fellow students in one of their senior capstone projects.  The featured seniors are Rafael Barrientos, Mary Eich, Ashley Parkes, Maddie Rekerdres, Jessica Swanner, Reiner Zurcher, Anton Martynenko, and Athena Torretti.

Also, take a moment to look at the Masters’ theses exhibitions when you stop by the reception tonight.  Stay tuned for more details on Senior Art majors seniors’ invidual exhibitions!

See selected works by Elizabeth Akamatsu and Lauren McAdams, on display in the University of Dallas Beatrice M. Haggery Art Gallery from October 9th through November 7th.  Both artists work in metal sculpture and other mixed media.

A reception open to the public is being hosted for these artists this Friday, October 15 from 7pm to 9pm.  If you’ve never been to an UD art reception, you are missing out.  There’s often wine and free food, plus it’s a good excuse to dress up.  Stop by and bring a friend.  If you go to the reception or to see the exhibit, leave your reflections here.

Ink on Japanese Fiber, Relief PrintUpon walking in, I was immediately engulfed in my surroundings.  The multitude of mediums in the Beatrice M. Haggerty Art Gallery is impressive.  Representing  work from Catherine Caesar, David Fiegenschue, Dan Hammett, Frank Krevens, Lyle Novinski, Virginia Marsh, Andrew Myers, Courtney Miles, Kim Cadmus Owens, and Juergen Strunck, this show has something for everyone.  Like Michelangelo took a block of marble and chiseled away a masterpiece, the UD art faculty manipulated wood, vinyl, Japanese fiber, neon signage, and more.

Oil on Canvas

Great color on this one and "Cheap", also by Owens, below.

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

I love her use of color, especially in the reflections. A MUST-SEE in person!

Architectural plans

Lyle's at it again! Want to see the new face of UD? Several of the new plans for UD's aesthetics are on display.


Love the 3D aspect of Meyers' pieces.

Ink on Vinyl

Love the layers.

Vinyl letters

ZOOLANDER Reference. Classic.

Carbon and Acrylic on Wood Panel

Monochomatic, I'm digging it. These are two of my favorites!

Wood and Plaster

If you like what you see, the exhibition continues through October 3rd.  Read more about it in the UD News.

The ceramics are done by Frank Krevens who is also showing his pieces in a solo show, “Straight-No Chaser” at the MoKAH Art Gallery in Deep Ellum.  This show is in partial fulfillment of Krevens’ Master of Fine Arts and will be on display until September 18th.

My favorite pieces were done by Kim Cadmus Owens (UD Painting Professor), but all were worth taking a stroll over the bridge and through the woods to an oasis at the heart of campus.

Near the entrance to the exhibit, there is a guest book for thoughts, reflections, and comments.  I leave you with the words and thoughts of Dean C.W. Eaker:

“Very nice.  Thank you for sharing your art with the UD community.”

LOOKING AHEAD: Interview with the heads of UD Music Entertainment!