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With finals impending and term paper deadlines looming in the near days to come, please take a minute to read below:

Faithful readers,

It’s been a joy to keep up with all the Art and Entertainment happenings on the University of Dallas-Irving campus and in the greater DFW area for this blog.  I’ve learned a lot and attended most of the events–I hope you have too.  I will be on hiatus at least until January.  My social media class ends, but I will do my best to continue to provide you all with information about events on campus.  If you have feedback, suggestions, comments, criticisms or questions, please comment on my blog or send me an email or Facebook message.

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UPDATE 12/1/10, 4:37PM:  Senior Nick Olson has been cast as King Arthur.


Today, University of Dallas students displayed their vocal talents as students auditioned for the spring musical, Camelot.  While there are non-vocal acting roles, dancing roles, and behind the scenes roles to be filled, this afternoon focused on finding the vocal talent needed to successfully put on the show.  This show marks the 3rd spring musical since they were brought back by the music department in 2009, after a brief hiatus.

NOTE: Current Fall Romers will be given the opportunity to audition at the beginning of the Spring semester.

UD seniors and musical veterans, Rachel Davies and Lacy de la Garza are excited as they gear up for their last UD show.  Each of them were optimistic about the upcoming production

Rachel Davies, who starred as Laurie in last spring’s musical, Oklahoma! gave her thoughts on this year’s auditions:

It’s so exciting to get to see some of the new talent. There were several really talented freshman. Can’t wait to see how the casting goes; it should be a lot of fun!

With Rachel’s experience and talent, I expect to see her in a lead role for Camelot, as well.

Lacy de la Garza choreographed Oklahoma! and will also be aiding director, Jamie Nelson with this year’s Camelot.  Lacy is also excited about the upcoming show’s cast:

For Camelot in particular, I’m definitely looking forward to working with the wide-pool of talent we have this year.

It looks like both seniors are confident that not only will this year’s show be great, but that they will leave the Music Department’s refound tradition in good hands with a talented new crop of underclassmen participating.

Friday, University students created music videos to capture “UD in a Nutshell.”  Some were original compositions (a reunion of the famous Pheremone 5 band composed of seniors), others were popular songs, such as the Killers’ Mr. Brightside, adapted for UD.  Videos starred students and professors, including popular Physics professor, Dr. Richard Olenick.  They also directed, produced, composed, and edited films.  The hopes of the Residence Hall Association were to inspire more entries for the annual spring Tower Film Festival.  Did anyone go?  Whose music video was your favorite?

Check back soon and I’ll post the winning video!


UPDATE: The winning video will be posted soon, but here are some of its competitors:


“to and from” From Seniors, Katie Prejean and Becca Stich

BEST EDITING “She Owns the Night” From Andrew von Hertzog

In some of my blogging adventures, I’ve realized what a great arts and entertainment scene Dallas has.  I’ve started following the blogs of the pros in hopes of getting ideas on what to cover and how.  I received an email this semester I’d like to share an excerpt of with you from one of those A&E bloggers:

Do you ever post public events that are open for student participation and attendance
(and it’s FREE)?
Check out!

Every Tuesday night at Buzzbrews Restaurant Kitchen on Lemmon Avenue an open mic takes place that features classical music of all kinds; so far it’s mostly SMU grad students. ALL university students are welcome. It’s been hard for the organizers to find the right people to publicize it at differernt schools.
It’s fabulous. This Tuesday they had several vocalists, a trombonist, a pianist, a cellist and a violinist — a wide range of music from traditional classical to avant-garde composition. I KNOW there are UD students who would enjoy the event and be most welcome to participate. Professors, too…..

This excerpt was from Alexandra Bonifield, you can follow her on Twitter or check out her reviews below:

Critical Rant & Rave
NEA/Annenberg Fellow in Theatre Criticism
twitter: @Abonifield
Content Partners:

Grab a cuppa fair trade joe and listen to some great live music at Capp House Tuesday night from 7-10pm in the University of Dallas Cappucino Bar (Cap Bar).

During the live performance and before, UD Earth Service is providing FAIR TRADE ESPRESSO at the Cap Bar from 5-9 pm for 25¢ off. In addition to your discount, 25¢ will also be donated to UD Earth Service by the Cap Bar. These deals apply to any drink purchased at the Cap Bar made with Fair Trade Espresso.

Support fellow UD student Michael Unterberger, fair trade practices, and UD Earth Services with only some pocket change and an hour of your time.

Live music this Saturday from 5pm to 12am on the University of Dallas Mall, come hear great live music provided by UD students.  Tshirts are on sale in Haggar Student Center through Saturday.

See below for when your favorite band is playing.


4:30-5pm The Fouge
5:15-5:45pm The Aristocracy
6-6:30pm The Senior Projects
6:30-6:45pm Sacagawea and the Peace Pipes
6:45-7:15pm Edam Cheese
7:30-8pm Only Penguins Mate for Life
8:15-8:45pm Bait and Switch
8:45-9pm DJ Rumpelstiltzkin
9:15-9:45pm Funcenter Inferno
10pm-10:30pm The Evolutionists
10:45-11:15pm Speakeasy
11:30pm-12am Despairagus

Love Rockabilly music?  Wondering what the heck Rockabilly music is?  Either way it’s time to shut the books and head over to this week’s Thank Goodness It’s Thursday (TGIT).  November 11th from 9pm to 12am, see the North Texas band, Drop Top Rockets, put on a live show in Haggar Student Center’s Rathskellar (a.k.a the basement, for you non-UD-ers).

I know, I know…’Tis the season for COMPS (comprehensive exams).  As a University of Dallas senior, I am well aware it’s that time of the year–theses, projects, presentations, research, oral exams, written exams…the list goes on.  The season begins late October/early November and lasts through Spring Break, practically.  Even for those students who aren’t seniors, the papers are piling up and the semester is snowballing until the small relief granted by Thanksgiving break.

However, for your own health, I suggest taking a break–even for an hour or two–to let loose, show off those dancing skills, and grab a beer (or soda/pop) this Thursday in the Rat with some of your friends.  You deserve it.  (Plus, then you can find out what’s up with that Rockabilly genre that’s WAAAY under represented on your iTunes play list).

Thursday from 9pm-12am in the University of Dallas Rathskellar, come to this week’s TGIT is featuring Kazyak and Brian Laidlaw.  The Minnesota trio Kazyak will be playing their original music.  The fantastic acoustic singer songwriter Brian Laidlaw will open for the band.  Listen to Kazyak before their University of Dallas debut.

Thank goodness it’s almost Thursday!  With midterm week in full-swing, we all need a chance to let loose and have some fun.  I know what that means…Thursday night, I’ll be rocking out to UD band Speak Easy made up of UD seniors, Brennan Pecha, Steve Schmidt, and Robert Landreaux.  They are accompanied by their  talented drummer, junior Ethan Munsill.

For those of age, the bar will be serving $2 beers.  For the rest of you, pop (soda, for you northerners, coke for you crazy southerners) will be available for purchase, as well.  And of course, FREE popcorn is available.

So get your weekend started right,  join Speak Easy in Haggar University Center’s Rathskellar this Thursday, October 21 at 9pm.

Come here the talents of UD’s own Jordan Campirino and Luke Dougherty from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday, October 19.  The Cap Bar in Haggar University Center will be open and coffee will be flowing for those in need of a midweek midterm caffine fix or a study break from all of your exams.

For more October events, check out the University Calendar and keep up with A&E @ UD.

LOOKING AHEAD: Mark your calendars and check back for blog posts on…

It’s Monday, but it’s never to early in the week to look forward to the University of Dallas’s annual Oktoberfest Celebration this weekend.  Look for t-shirts and steins this week in the Haggar University Center throughout the week, especially during lunch and dinner.  Pull out your polka skills with the traditional live performance by nationally-known band Brave Combo and German baked goods on Saturday

Next week guest poet, Peter Campion comes to campus for poetry reading and workshop and to visit Lyrics Studies (aka Junior Poet or J-Po) classes.