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Love Rockabilly music?  Wondering what the heck Rockabilly music is?  Either way it’s time to shut the books and head over to this week’s Thank Goodness It’s Thursday (TGIT).  November 11th from 9pm to 12am, see the North Texas band, Drop Top Rockets, put on a live show in Haggar Student Center’s Rathskellar (a.k.a the basement, for you non-UD-ers).

I know, I know…’Tis the season for COMPS (comprehensive exams).  As a University of Dallas senior, I am well aware it’s that time of the year–theses, projects, presentations, research, oral exams, written exams…the list goes on.  The season begins late October/early November and lasts through Spring Break, practically.  Even for those students who aren’t seniors, the papers are piling up and the semester is snowballing until the small relief granted by Thanksgiving break.

However, for your own health, I suggest taking a break–even for an hour or two–to let loose, show off those dancing skills, and grab a beer (or soda/pop) this Thursday in the Rat with some of your friends.  You deserve it.  (Plus, then you can find out what’s up with that Rockabilly genre that’s WAAAY under represented on your iTunes play list).

Thursday from 9pm-12am in the University of Dallas Rathskellar, come to this week’s TGIT is featuring Kazyak and Brian Laidlaw.  The Minnesota trio Kazyak will be playing their original music.  The fantastic acoustic singer songwriter Brian Laidlaw will open for the band.  Listen to Kazyak before their University of Dallas debut.

Thank goodness it’s almost Thursday!  With midterm week in full-swing, we all need a chance to let loose and have some fun.  I know what that means…Thursday night, I’ll be rocking out to UD band Speak Easy made up of UD seniors, Brennan Pecha, Steve Schmidt, and Robert Landreaux.  They are accompanied by their  talented drummer, junior Ethan Munsill.

For those of age, the bar will be serving $2 beers.  For the rest of you, pop (soda, for you northerners, coke for you crazy southerners) will be available for purchase, as well.  And of course, FREE popcorn is available.

So get your weekend started right,  join Speak Easy in Haggar University Center’s Rathskellar this Thursday, October 21 at 9pm.

TGIT Open Mic Night Success

This week’s Open Mic TGIT was a smashing success.  The Rathskellar was filled to capacity with students unwinding from another week of tests, papers, and reading.  First-time appearances from freshmen shook up the already-talented usual lineup of UD musical acts.

As I pushed my way through the lively beer-garten into the Rat, the crowd envelopped me and I immediately disappeared into a sea of students clamoring towards the bar (and you don’t want to get between a college student and his on-campus bar on a Thursday night, it never turns out pretty) and vying for a chance to use the pool table.

Most students were happily clapping, swaying, and singing to the live music.  I have seen some pretty dead (and pretty sorry) open mic nights in my four years here, but between everyone who came out to support their friends and have a good time and the talent pool, the Rat was a hopping place.

As a TGIT groupie, I speak with some authority on what makes a good TGIT.  And I look forward to all of Eddy Moss and Paul Spring’s (Musical Entertainment coordinators) events.


Mountain City Songsters featuring Kazyak and Paul Spring playing bluegrass and rock!

Thursday night a handful of students emerged from their usual studying to enjoy Luau TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday). Favorites such as van Morrison’s Brown-eyed Girl, the classic Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?, and Ace of Base’s I Shot the Sheriff were played island-style by the middle-aged male trio in Hawaiian button-downs.

The early end of the night saw some hula-hooping, as well as dancing, but like clockwork, at 10pm the beer-garten began to fill. Not an impressive TGIT showing, but not terribly shabby either.

The band took a break in the middle and DJ-ed songs like “Ice, Ice Baby” from our middle school dance days. The band returned with some unsurprising song selections (Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA and the Chicken Dance among others) and, of course, complete with a conga line and game of limbo.

Though not every TGIT features a UD band (or even a live band), it’s always worth coming out to make a fool of yourself on the dance floor and share a beer with your fellow students (Or a couple. Or none at all for those under 21, sorry).

Best part of the night? It’s a toss up between a seminar buying me a Shiner (talk about a good friend…) and testing out my hula hoop skills–which I think peaked when I was 8 and have gone steadily down hill since.

Looking Ahead

Next Week: Q&A with UD’s own musical entertainment coordinators AND Dallas Year to Shakespeare in the Park: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Oct 1st, bring a picnic!)

Next Month: Art History Dept presents screening of History of the War in Lynch Hall October 28th.

Ongoing: TGIT (weekly), Cap House (monthly), Foreign Film Series (periodically), Brown Bag Lunch Musical Performances (periodically), Local theatre (periodically)