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With finals impending and term paper deadlines looming in the near days to come, please take a minute to read below:

Faithful readers,

It’s been a joy to keep up with all the Art and Entertainment happenings on the University of Dallas-Irving campus and in the greater DFW area for this blog.  I’ve learned a lot and attended most of the events–I hope you have too.  I will be on hiatus at least until January.  My social media class ends, but I will do my best to continue to provide you all with information about events on campus.  If you have feedback, suggestions, comments, criticisms or questions, please comment on my blog or send me an email or Facebook message.

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University of Dallas Drama department presents their seniors directing one-act plays December 2-4. Seniors Elaine Stenson, M. Timothy Maher, and Jessica Fowler are at the helm of three great productions, running through Friday only. To catch all three, you must attend 2 nights. Don’t forget to reserve your tickets!

In the Margaret Jonsson Theatre:

Tim’s show Where the Cross is made by Eugene O’Neill will show at 8pm, followed by a 15 minute intermission. Following the intermission Jessica’s Everyman will start. Expect the shows to run an hour and a half including the intermission.

In the Drama Building:

Catch Elaine’s The Dwarfs in a unique setting. The Dwarfs is the first play located in the Drama Department since their 2007 production of The Haunting, 3 short ghost tales.

For more on the plays’ plots and casts, see the directors’ own description from the UD News.

UPDATE 12/1/10, 4:37PM:  Senior Nick Olson has been cast as King Arthur.


Today, University of Dallas students displayed their vocal talents as students auditioned for the spring musical, Camelot.  While there are non-vocal acting roles, dancing roles, and behind the scenes roles to be filled, this afternoon focused on finding the vocal talent needed to successfully put on the show.  This show marks the 3rd spring musical since they were brought back by the music department in 2009, after a brief hiatus.

NOTE: Current Fall Romers will be given the opportunity to audition at the beginning of the Spring semester.

UD seniors and musical veterans, Rachel Davies and Lacy de la Garza are excited as they gear up for their last UD show.  Each of them were optimistic about the upcoming production

Rachel Davies, who starred as Laurie in last spring’s musical, Oklahoma! gave her thoughts on this year’s auditions:

It’s so exciting to get to see some of the new talent. There were several really talented freshman. Can’t wait to see how the casting goes; it should be a lot of fun!

With Rachel’s experience and talent, I expect to see her in a lead role for Camelot, as well.

Lacy de la Garza choreographed Oklahoma! and will also be aiding director, Jamie Nelson with this year’s Camelot.  Lacy is also excited about the upcoming show’s cast:

For Camelot in particular, I’m definitely looking forward to working with the wide-pool of talent we have this year.

It looks like both seniors are confident that not only will this year’s show be great, but that they will leave the Music Department’s refound tradition in good hands with a talented new crop of underclassmen participating.

David Fuentes’ exhibit, Come Right In, and Lauren Kirchner’s CONTEXTUS are on display in the University of Dallas Art Village Upper Gallery through Friday, November 12.  That night there will be a reception from 6:30 to 8:30pm

David Fuentes has struggled with Cerebral Palsy and his collection is his experimentation with his limitations, using both his right (the side affected by the disease) and left hands to create.

Lauren Kirchner’s art literally envelopes you with it’s three-dimensional geometric aspects and bright color.


Read a review of Lauren Kirchner’s CONTEXTUS from Dallas Art News.

Also, with the University of Dallas Fall Main Stage Machinal coming to a close, read what the local critics thought.

Google the artists or Machinal for more local opinions on University of Dallas fine and performing arts.

Stay Tuned for pictures of my favorite pieces.  See it for yourself and let me know, what are your favorites?

Update 11/13/10 These were my favorite works by each artist.  Especially with Kirchner’s work, nothing replaces seeing (or experiencing) it in person.


David Fuentes



Laura Kirchner

Just a reminder…

TWO Shows Premiere Tonight at University of Dallas

Runs Wednesday, Nov. 3-Nov. 13

The University of Dallas Fall Mainstage, Machinal opens tonight at 7pm.  If you didn’t make reservations for this evening, but you still want to attend, arrive at the Margaret Jonsson Theatre Box Office around 6:30pm.  If students do not claim their reservations by 6:45pm, all open seats will be up for grabs.  To make a reservation for another evening call the Drama Department or do so online.

At UD Wednesday, Nov. 3

University of Dallas Campus Ministry and the Church of the Incarnation present Vianney, a live production by a UD dad who is a professional actor, director, and owner of St. Luke Productions.  The performance begins at 7pm and should last until about 8:30pm.  Vianney is asking for an at-will offering, instead of an admission price.  If you can’t make tonight, don’t forget to check out alternate performance dates for the Dallas area.

University of Dallas presents director/actor, Leonardo Defilippis of St. Luke’s Productions in Vianney, a play about the life of St. John Vianney at the Church of the Incarnation, Wednesday evening at 7.

Defilippis is the father of University of Dallas senior, Mary, and freshman, Johnny. Here is an invite from Mary, herself:

My dad will be performing VIANNEY at UD on November 3rd at 7pm in the Church of the Incarnation. It is a one-man performance on the life of St. John Vianney. It is the beautiful story about the very simple and humble priest who transformed an entire village and whose life inspired the world!

St. Luke's Productions presents Vianney

St. Luke's Productions presents Vianney

Please come!!! Admission is free!

Can’t make Wednesday’s showing? Here is a list of all the shows in the Dallas area:

Diocese of Dallas

Wednesday, November 3 @ 7:00 p.m.
Church of the Incarnation at University of Dallas
1845 East Northgate Dr.
Irving, TX 75062
Admission: Free-Will Offering – Suitable for Ages 9 & Up
Information: Denise Phillips, 972-721-5168 or
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

Thursday, November 4
Private Morning Performance for John Paul II High School, Plano
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

Monday, November 8 @ 7:00 p.m.
St. Ann Church
180 Samuel Blvd.
Coppell, TX 75019
Admission: Free-Will Offering – Suitable for Ages 9 & Up
Information: Julie Wehlage – (972) 393-5544 ext 1111 or
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

Tuesday, November 9 @ 7:00 p.m.
St. Rita Church
12521 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
Admission: Free-Will Offering – Suitable for Ages 9 & Up
Information: Deacon Denis Corbin (972) 934-8388 or
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

Wednesday, November 10
Private Morning Performance for Bishop Lynch High School
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

Wednesday, November 10 @ 7:00 p.m.
St. Pius X Church
3030 Gus Thomasson Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
Admission: Free-Will Offering – Suitable for Ages 9 & Up
Information: Alicia Mendoza (972) 279-6155 x119 or
Sponsored by: Diocese of Dallas, Office of Vocations

I don’t know about you, but I’m right in the thick of midterms, quizzes, papers, presentations…you name it. And from an informal poll of my friends in all grades, that seems to be the general sentiment on campus.

In addition to this normal academic stress, those students involved in the University of Dallas fall Main Stage production, Machinal is in the midst of tech week. This controversial play opens Wednesday, November 3rd and cast members, as well as Drama Department employees, are in Haggar University Center outside the cafeteria every day this week selling tickets.

For those students who have never been involved with such a production, this week means hours of rehearsal every night. The director sees to it that his artistic vision comes together, as the sounds blend with the lighting, sets, props, costumes, and over all desired mood.

What that translates to is the actors standing in freeze frame of a given scene while they try to get the lights just right or the sound effect at just the right moment. The one thing I know about any production, especially ones of UD quality, it requires a village to put on.

Support the arts at UD…and mainly your friends, reserve a FREE ticket today by visiting the table in Haggar, calling the Drama Department at 972-721-5314, or fill out the online reservation form.

Get off campus, out of the bubble and check out some of the local Dallas-Ft. Worth Arts and Entertainment scene.  A&E @ UD is all about student talent and on campus events, but apart of university life is taking part in local culture.  So while the point of this blog is not to keep up with arts in the metroplex, I just wanted to let you know about my blogroll at the right of the page. 

Use these links to find event calendars, reviews, interviews, and upcoming shows/events!

Friends & links

Since I already know how you keep up with arts and entertainment on campus…What’s your favorite way to keep up with arts and entertainment in the Dallas area?

This semester the Drama Department will be showing the following in the Margaret Jonsson Theatre:

The Senior Drama majors will be presenting their one-act plays (capstone projects):

Everyman by Anonymous
Where the Cross is Made by Eugene O’Neill
The Dwarfs by Harold Pinter

The Fall Mainstage direcected by Kyle Lemieux:

Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

Auditions have passed, but here are some ways to get to get involved this semester:

  • Help build set
  • Learn to operate light or sound board
  • Volunteer Usher
  • Sew for Costumes

*Never used a drill or sewing machine before?  That’s okay!  They’ll teach you.  Offer your time and talent by calling or emailing the Drama Department.

Check back soon for an inside look at senior studios–acting, directing, and designing!